Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bodega Bay

Our camping site

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trees of Mystery

The beautiful Pacific Ocean...Can you see Seth?

The Family (Seth, Mom, & Me)

HaHa, look at me.....I can't wait to get to the water.


Paul Bunyan & Babe

Me & Seth

"The Family Tree"...look how there are trees growing on top of the branches of the main tree.

A blue jay.

Seth & Mom.

I found a turtle.



Seth in the "Elephant Tree."

Mom with a fallen giant...this tree stood during the days of Jesus. This tree is so old that one of the trees that grew on top of it had to be cut down due to height issues.

Me & Seth

"The Cathedral Trees"

"The Brotherhood Tree"

Mom & Seth amongst the giants. The Brotherhood Tree is in the background.

The Sky Trail

I'm seriously afraid of heights...really.

At the top of the mountain.

The view from the top.


A tree stump.

Me with the stump...big stump.

Seth & me

Seth & Mom.

This tree was struck by lightning a few years back.

It used to be as tall as the Brotherhood Tree.

In front of the charred tree.

Cute paths all over this place.

The Candelabra Tree

Seth & me on Paul's boot.






Mom surfing?????


"Ocean World"...definitely not the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Maybe next time I'll pay to go in...maybe.

Looking for shells

Poor Seth...had to drive the whole trip.....


here comes Seth

Goofin' off

Look Joseph, there's where the sign-in book used to be. Remember when we were kids?

Those old rusty nails must have held up the shelf...remember? haha